There are times when a place or a moment, or even a moment in a place becomes part of who we are or even inspires who we want to be. It becomes part of a relationship, part of our memory banks that stays with us forever. I have loved travel since childhood, when my father and mother, on a shoestring, tossed me and my three siblings into the back of a station wagon and traipsed us across this beautiful country and many others across Europe. Before the days of ipads and devices to keep us busy in the car, I was happily forced to stare out the window for hours, sometimes me ample time to truly take in every detail of the landscape, the changing light, the people, the languages, the cityscapes. We saw countless, incredible places and they most definitely have helped define me...or at least my deep desires to continue to experience new environments and communities. Certain places, for whatever reason, resonated with me then, and still do now. All too often, I wish I could somehow "take it with me". 

If there is a place or a moment that does that for you or someone you know and you would like to capture it in a special piece of wearable art, we can together create a necklace or print that will be enjoyed forever. 

Pricing for necklaces

Pricing reflects the choice of bezel size, metal and finish as well as unique or more precious gems, stones, beads, chain or leather. Starting with either photographs or a description, I create 2-3 thumbnail sketches for composition and size. 1/3 of the total price is due at the start of that process. Continuing on, the second third would be due and I begin transferring the chosen sketch onto the plate. Three unique inkings are "pulled", each varying in palette and paper tone. Once the print to be used for the final necklace is chosen, we can discuss any special requests for chain or leather, certain birthstones, gems or stones or palette of beading. Final payment is due upon delivery. Depending on availability of hand cast bezels and adorning beads, each commission necklace can usually be completed within a month. You will also have the option to purchase the other prints that were pulled at a reduced price

Base prices for necklaces are as follows:

Small (1' x 2") bronze bezel: $210

Large (1.5" x 2") bronze bezel: $220

Small (1" x 2" ) sterling silver bezel: $240

Large (1.5" x 2") sterling silver bezel: $250

Commissioned Prints

There are many size options for full color collagraph prints, therefore pricing can vary greatly. A print approximately 26" x 38" which is the largest size I can print on our current press begins at $1200. A print approximately 10" x 20" begins at $500. Please contact me to discuss any special requests.