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After working for many years on a large scale (some of my prints include close to life sized figures), I decided to try my hand at miniatures. Attempting to fit a big, beautiful world with rich detail into a piece the size a little larger than a postage stamp had a whole new set of challenges. (The worst of which was finding new, super magnifying glasses! My reading glasses were just not going to cut it anymore!)

I found these tiny "confections", as a friend so kindly called them, quite enchanting. It was then that it occurred to me how lovely it would be to wear some of them. The idea of adorning the prints with stones and beads that also reminded me of the place, came together quite effortlessly.

One of the first plates I created was of the magnificent southwest United States. It has always "spoken" quite powerfully to me.  Wearing a piece of art that could take me back to that special place or moment was what ultimately inspired me to start designing jewelry. Marrying these two art forms seemed a very organic process.

I began sketching a bezel (frame) design that was simple yet sophisticated and that emphasized the art.  I have been working closely with a talented Philadelphia metalsmith who created a mold from my drawings and who now hand casts and finishes every bezel individually. Each original collagraph print is signed on the back and placed between two pieces of glass which I size, bevel and set into the frame. Every print is original, therefore each pendant is uniquely adorned with a wide variety of semi precious gemstones, glass, horn, wood, coral, chain and/or leather cord. The art informs the embellishments. No two necklaces are the same, even if it incorporates the same image. 

So often, while wearing these pieces, conversations are inspired by a place or story or memory evoked by a particular print. I love hearing others' tales that they associate with the image.

It is wearable art with meaning...an opportunity to reminisce on a special place, fond interaction or favorite relationship. 

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