2" x 1" miniatures   

2" x 1" miniatures



Everybody needs beauty as well as

bread, places to play in and pray in,

where nature may heal and give

strength to body and soul alike.

-John Muir





I like to believe that we all have experienced a special place, whether it is a hiking trail, a park, a home, a town, a favorite vacation spot, an entire country or simply a room that speaks to us and stays with us long after we have left it. It is those places to which we want to return, physically or in our mind’s eye, when we are searching for peace, joy or solace.

   1" x 2" miniature 

  1" x 2" miniature 


Love is our true destiny.

We do not find the

meaning of life by ourselves alone

-- we find it with another.

― Thomas Merton

So often I observe extraordinary moments of connection between people. Time appears to be suspended and the image is embedded in our hearts and minds. Whether we are the one experiencing that relationship or the one witnessing others relate in an exceptional way, it touches our hearts and allows us to feel. I find it poignant that so often they occur in silence, concealed in the quiet touch, the glance, the smile, the speechless conversation. These beautiful moments of interconnectedness are around us always...they can lift us, heal us, and strengthen us.  It is up to us to pay attention, to awaken to them, so we may return to them and give them perpetual life.


It is the deep beauty of those places

and moments that can help us

endure times of great darkness

and sadness.