Dad's pen


It is hard to remember many days when my dad did not have a pen in his hand and he was jotting down all the happenings around him.  Whether it was the frenetic and joyous activity of family gatherings, the tranquil stillness of his predawn hours or the anguish and suffering he struggled with in his own heart, he was always documenting his world.  

Although it is not always easy for me to read the past, knowing I am able to go back in time and hear his heart at the age of 25 and 45 and 65 years old, gives me new perspective and deeper understanding of his life and my own.

I often think about how much he would have, despite his aversion to anything "technical", truly embraced the BLOGGING world. He loved to share his thoughts and feelings through his a poetic, discreet manner. It would have been right up his alley.  

Thank you Dad, for taking the time to share.