Kim Mehler: The love of Art & Science

I spend a lot of time outside looking at our microscopic world. There are countless designs, forms, and mathematical formulas incorporated in everything around us...the petals of a black-eyed Susan, the grid in the fly's eye,  the path of a goldfinch's flight..which, by the way, almost exactly mirrors a dogwood branch. I don't usually go out intending to look for the beauty in all of it...I have just always found it naturally intriguing. 

One of my favorite things to do is walk with my dear friend Kimberly Mehler. Not only has she been a tremendous influence in more ways than I can begin to list, but she also sees the exceptional splendor in a dried up mushroom, a bluebird's iridescent wing, a decaying turtle skull. It is not unusual for our walks to be peppered with moments of pause, discovering yet something else at which we gaze and find wonder in. At that point, one of us usually tosses it into our pocket for it to eventually find a new home on one of our shelves. It might one day, inspire a painting or a plate to be inked for a print.  Or perhaps, it might simply be admired in its own lovely form. 

The important community art projects Kim pours her heart and soul into are innumerable and I constantly find myself sharing their invaluable lessons with friends and family.  Sometimes I just can't keep up! Please take some time to look at her compelling work on the MamaCita website. You will quickly see how her vision and composition evolve from the unconventional intricacies of the beauty that lies within the natural world.

Take some time to also check out all the other remarkable projects in which this creative and talented group of women of MamaCITA are involved.