Include your own special thank you or message in this boxed set of 6 blank notecards with envelopes

depicted from my original hand pulled collagraphs.

Originals of these works may be available. Please feel free to contact me for availability. 


Little Ones                $16 box of 6 blank notes

Little Ones always show us just how simple life once was. Take a moment to share a short hello with a childhood friend. Tuck in a pressed flower and send it off to a little one in your life just to make their day. Remind an old friend what great fun it was to see who could swing higher! 



In These Moments     $16 box of 6 blank notes

In These Moments...those special, daydreamy experiences that string together to create a lifetime of joyous memories. Someone you know get a new puppy? Or lost their special canine friend? Have a special book club friend who always picks the good read? Does your "person" just need a hug?  



Sweet Snuggles          $16 box of 6 blank notes

Snuggles with sweet babes can transform our day from gloomy to magical! Know someone who has a new little one in their lives? Need a special gift for that early childhood teacher? Want a selection of unique Mother's Day cards for many of the beautiful moms in your life?